By supporting BOUNCE, you help raise awareness of a critical industry headed for crisis. Your pledge will help us transform the industry for the better, and fix a broken, unsustainable system. You use natural rubber every day. Shouldn’t you know where it comes from?

Insist on the domestic minimum wage for farmers

Factor production costs into the price of natural rubber

Invest in the technology the modern industry needs

Support a transparent and traceable supply chain

Incentivise farmers to fight climate change

Encourage sustainable farming practices



The world uses 14 million tonnes of natural rubber every year. 92% of that global supply is produced by six million individual subsistence farmers in developing economies. These farmers support families and communities across Asia and Africa, and their welfare depends on their rubber trees. Yet many of these farmers earn less than half of their domestic minimum wage. They are being short-changed by a broken and unfair pricing structure that means they see only a tiny fraction of the profits from a multi-billion dollar industry. By supporting BOUNCE, you will help to create fair pricing for the farmers who fuel some of our most important industries.


Huge demand for natural rubber produced by uncoordinated, underinvested network of farmers using archaic farming practices is creating significant environmental issues in natural rubber production. With proper investment, technology, transparency and traceability in the industry, farmers would be able to implement sustainable farming practices that both captures carbon and creates a truly ecological product. By supporting BOUNCE, you will help promote a sustainable industry that supports and protects our planet.


Natural rubber is a critical raw material that drives major industry. It is an irreplaceable part of transport, health, leisure and other vital consumer sectors. It is an indispensable product for companies with billions on their balance sheets. It keeps the world moving. Yet unsustainable pricing threatens the long term survival of the industry. Without fairer compensation, farmers cannot keep producing the rubber on which so many rely. We need to drastically disrupt the pricing mechanisms on which the rubber industry is built, and create a fairer and more equitable system. By supporting BOUNCE, you will add your voice to the debate that needs to be had about how we consume natural rubber. By supporting BOUNCE, you will help create the momentum needed to disrupt the natural rubber industry for the better.