About Bounce

Backed by six key UN Sustainable Development Goals, BOUNCE is the movement behind the product that keeps the world moving. We want to create a fair, clean and sustainable system for producing natural rubber.

Natural rubber is an industry largely unchanged since its formation in the 1950s, and one in desperate need of disruption. The most influential force for creating real and significant change in the industry is those who consume it. BOUNCE is a movement for gaining public support for change in the natural rubber industry, and for creating a fairer and more sustainable supply chain. Natural rubber faces similar pressure to coffee and cocoa, and like FairTrade in those industries, BOUNCE aims to be a stamp of quality for truly sustainable rubber.
BOUNCE supports six key UN Sustainable Development Goals with six specific demands to make the natural rubber industry a greener, fairer system. With the support of consumers, we aim to make these changes a framework for sustainable rubber – a product that consumers can recognise and trust – and to encourage all actors in the natural rubber supply chain to adopt these standards and ensure that the natural rubber industry can thrive.